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What?  The Name-a-Building program is for individuals, churches, organizations and groups who want to assist and take ownership in the ministry at Camp DeWolfe. Many of the buildings are full of character, history and memories, dating since the founding of the camp in 1947. The Name-a-Building program empowers sponsors to help maintain and upgrade the facilities at Camp DeWolfe, while becoming a part of the legacy and future at Camp DeWolfe. This program comes at a crucial time when many of the buildings are being renovated ready for the next season of Christ's ministry at Camp DeWolfe.  Which buildings?  The buildings and facilities available for naming are:  -Meeting Hall—Large Multi-Purpose Meeting Space (150 capacity), Classroom (20 capacity), Program office, Storage rooms, and Two Apartments on the second floor;  -Retreat lodge—3-bedroom ranch house for retreat lodging and infirmary in the summer camp season (sleeps up to 12);  -Arts and Crafts Classroom (30 capacity);  -Nature classroom (20 capacity);  -Outdoor Swimming Pool;  -Challenge Course (Low ropes and high ropes course).  Benefits?  Sponsors make a significant donation that will assist in maintaining and upgrading a chosen building(s). Sponsors receive a sign on the named building or facility. Sponsors have the opportunity to be enrolled as a lifetime 'Friend of DeWolfe'.  Contact Matt Tees today: (631) 929-4325

For more information, call 631-929-4325 or email Matt Tees at