Posts made in July, 2013

Discovery Camp 2013

Posted on Jul 17, 2013 in Camp Blog, Searchable

Discovery Camp is now in full swing!  With over 40 campers (including the LITs – Leaders in Training) arriving here on Sunday 14th July, and here through Friday 26th July, half of whom are returning from last year, each day is bursting with activities that include ideas and learning. As the program coordinator, I have the opportunity to sit at a different table each meal, and I hear from the campers about how their morning or afternoon had gone.  They are having fun doing all the water and land activities.  A few highlights have been getting back on the archery range, remembering how...

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Explorer Camp 2013

Posted on Jul 9, 2013 in Camp Blog, Searchable

Explorer Camp 2013 kicked off on Sunday 7th July, with campers arriving from Brooklyn, Suffolk, Nassau and Queens, as well as New Jersey, Virginia and upstate New York! This summer’s theme is CREATION! and campers have been outdoors in the great summer weather all week so far! “A Psalm for Camp DeWolfe” by Dan Bell (Camp Seminarian) Come on, everybody, let’s praise the Lord!The Lord is good and really great,so worshiping God just can’t wait!God has blessed us with a camp that’s really cool!We get to canoe, climb, and even go swimming in a pool!We all know...

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Empowering Leaders

Posted on Jul 4, 2013 in Camp Blog, Searchable

The 2013 summer staff training comes to a close tomorrow, after a 10 day intensive leadership development program preparing the 20-some team of young adults ages 18-35 to live out their faith in real ways this summer with campers at Camp DeWolfe. The training program was designed to provide the summer team with tools and resources to be equipped to be positive role models and leaders for Christ and for His campers over the next several weeks. The staff have come together with energy and enthusiasm in a new temporary camp community, to share their gifts and strengths, in a safe and effective...

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