Posts made in August, 2015

Growing at Camp

Posted on Aug 19, 2015 in Camp Blog, Searchable

As I prepare for my final batch of campers to pack their bags and return home tomorrow, I think back to their first days at camp, as I do at the end of every session. I remember them bounding into the cabin, claiming the much sought-after top bunks, unloading their clothes, and beginning to make camp their home, whether for the first time or the fifth. I got to watch as strangers became acquaintances and then friends, the quietest campers break slowly out of their shells, and be a part of the bond that can only happen when you put nine young women in a cabin together for a few weeks. I never...

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Journeys of Faith

Posted on Aug 13, 2015 in Camp Blog, Searchable

This past Tuesday, our chaplain of the week, Fr. Larry Byrne, his wife Susan, and I created a simple labyrinth in the back of St. Luke’s Chapel. Using candles, yarn, and duct tape, we designed a space for campers that evening to pray and reflect while walking and listening to music softly playing in the background. Several campers shared afterwards that it was a really special time for them, and counselors seemed to appreciate it equally! Labyrinths are a great way to express this profound reality: we are all on a journey of faith. None of our journeys are identical; they are as unique...

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Being an “Everyday Leader”

Posted on Aug 5, 2015 in Camp Blog, Searchable

This past Monday I met with the LITs for their weekly leadership training. I showed them a TED Talk by Drew Dudley called “Everyday Leadership.” In his talk Dudley says that many folks convince themselves they aren’t leaders because they’re not doing anything huge to change the world. But this is a misguided way of thinking about leadership, he explains. He gives the example of how, during college, he unknowingly had a big impact on another student’s life just by offering her a lollipop, alongside with some words of kindness and humor. What he did put this...

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