Posts made in August, 2018

Adventure Camp News Part III

Posted on Aug 10, 2018 in Camp Blog, Searchable

Hello Camp DeWolfe Family! It’s hard to believe we are finishing up are last week of camp for the summer! It’s been an awesome summer full of camp! Week Three of Adventure Camp was packed with a lot of extra fun. This week we had  our Wildwood campouts. Campers hiked down the beach to Wildwood State park. They slept under the trees (and stars) in tents with their cabin groups! Campers created some of their own culinary treats and learned how to cook over the open fire. Upon returning back to camp, campers learned to work together as they went to tackle some challenges on the...

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Benson House listed on National Registry of Historic Places

Posted on Aug 6, 2018 in Camp Blog, Searchable

On Saturday August 4th 2018, Riverhead Town Supervisor Jens-Smith presented Camp DeWolfe with a proclamation, celebrating the “Wading River Radio Station”, now known as Benson House, designation on the National Register of Historic Places. Governor Cuomo made the official announcement in March 2018. The Benson House building was used during WWII as a Top-Secret FBI Radio station, which transmitted true and false information to the German High Command. Supervisor Jens-Smith addressed members from the Society of Former Special Agents of the F.B.I, Camp Board, summer campers and their...

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Adventure Camp News Part II

Posted on Aug 3, 2018 in Camp Blog, Searchable

Hello Camp Family! Week two of Adventure camp is coming to a close. It’s been awesome week of camp and we look forward to seeing some of you on Saturday morning. Of course there is another week of camp coming up for some of our campers! This week we had a medieval archery training competition. Our kings and queens were trained to battle the Banana Kingdom. Our Kingdoms trained hard, but the Kingdom of the Dragon took the medal and defeated the Banana Kingdom. Kingdoms competed in a sand castle and kingdom building competition as well. We saw some spectacularly built castles and the...

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