My time spent during the camp season in 2012 at camp DeWolfe is a time during my life that is recalled with much favor. It was an incredible experience for the children, as I perceived as well as for me, which I can say with certainty. Two aspects of camp that I personally enjoyed very much were that of friendship and religion. Both being aspects which in life I have found to be very comforting when fulfilled and the time I spent at camp allowed me to immerse myself in new friendships along with providing an environment where I could be close to God and further develop my religious views through Jesus Christ.

Human beings are social creatures, we all know this, and therefore friendship is highly sought after by most of us. We all want to be a part of a community where we can fit in and feel welcomed, it joys me to say that camp DeWolfe cultivates this type of welcoming society in which everyone is treated equally and accepted. I am speaking in terms of interactions between employee and employee, camper and camper, and employees and campers. As a counselor and I think I speak on behalf of my fellow counselors, whenever an exclusion of anyone occurs it is of the utmost importance to us to do right by whoever felt left out, speaking in terms of counselors or campers. Since camp DeWolfe is an Episcopal Christian establishment I think a majority of the members of the community have Christian virtues that do truly reflect in the kindness of the community as a whole. I made so many wonderful friends’, both staff and campers alike and truly look forward to my return to camp in hopes of seeing some familiar friends as well as making many new ones.

My own personal walk with God is one that has been in the works my whole life; the time I spent at camp last summer really offered some insight into my own relationship with God. It helped me grow in my devotion and understandings of Jesus Christ. With that being said I acknowledge I have a ways to go with my own relationship to Christ, I really don’t even expect to understand the boundless ends of it fully. However the relationship I do have is my own and I have discovered that I need to live my life in an appropriate manner and be righteous in my generation regardless of other outside influences. I need to do what I understand to be right and in concurrence with God’s wishes even when it’s not the easy choice. Sometimes we are put in situations that are undesirable and stressful but in these moments we need to decide what order of actions are ones in which Jesus would commend our impartiality and selflessness. Even all the more often situations arise where we can choose to be kind or not be these situations also require consideration. All the while attempting to live your life humbly and acting in a just manner. On earth we have one shot to leave impressions on those around us and last summer helped me to understand that God wants us to try out best to treat everyone known or unknown to us equally. For me and my fellow Christians believe all of us are created from the same, the One and only true God, in Gods image; regardless of whether or not one identifies as a Christian. The fact that we are intended to treat each other in this way remains true from things ranging in severity from life to death to little things that would seem to be trivial.

Often in my life especially when being at school it is easy to lose touch with Christ. It definitely seems to me that being Christian among my peers puts me in a minority; therefore it is nice to be able to go to a community where many surrounding you share your beliefs. Personally it strengthened me to be able to then leave that community and then go into the world, and as God intended, act righteously according to Gods wishes. It is still a constant struggle, but without the experience I had last summer (which let me see God and Jesus in a different light, and gave me a fuller understanding of Christianity) I am sure it would not have been easy, if even possible at all. For all that happened last summer I am thankful and look forward to further developing my views and also helping other staff and campers come to the realizations I have, or at least the ones they personally need.

-Kevin Zorn (Camp Counselor 2012)

Kevin Z