The Vision of Camp DeWolfe is to “enable Christian Formation in the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island; by providing a natural setting for people to engage in community and empower them to live out an outward and visible expression of the love and grace of Christ.”

The Core Values of Camp DeWolfe are:

-Natural Setting: To use the natural setting, including the woodlands, bluff, beaches and open fields, for people to experience God in nature, bringing the outside indoors, incorporating nature into each program while modelling and teaching the importance of being stewards of the Earth.

-Spiritual Formation: To provide space and resources for people to engage with God, in praise, prayer, worship, celebration, reflection, study and meditation; using the word of God, music, nature, administration of the sacraments and liturgies of the Episcopal church

-Purposeful community: To provide opportunities for people to engage in community, through programs, meeting spaces, meal times, housing arrangements, and to practice living an authentic Christian faith within a temporary community, then to transfer development into permanent communities afterwards.

-Developing leaders: To provide programming where decision making and leadership skills can be practiced and developed, and to encourage individuals to reach their full potential.

The Goal at Camp DeWolfe is for every person who participates in one of the programs, to be able to explore nature, engage and enjoy time with others, embrace challenges, reflect on experiences and practice service for others – all in God’s love and grace that is a gift through Christ for everyone.

Bishop Larry and Campers

Bishop Larry and Campers