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Staff members are the key to success at Camp DeWolfe. We affirm individuals that are leaders yet followers, positive and creative, spiritually balanced and excited about their personal commitment to Jesus Christ, persons of integrity, competence, and character.

Summer Staff Commissioning

Starting salaries for summer camp positions are based on one year of college and no previous camp experience. Salaries increase with additional college and experience with Camp DeWolfe.

Contracts are signed for agreement to your responsibilities in an activity area with mutual agreement to the camp. You will be asked to assist in other areas commensurate with your interests and abilities as stated on the application form. Salaries will be paid every two weeks. Weekly salary amounts are based on 8 weeks of pay: 6 weeks of camp sessions and 2 weeks of staff training. You are expected to attend scheduled training periods for the camps as part of your summer obligations. You will have one full 24-hour day off on a weekly basis, one night weekly, and one hour period off daily.


8 week positions for summer 2019 from Monday 17th June – Saturday 10th August, 2019:

Camp Counselors: At least one year of college with a love for outdoor activities for a group of up to 10 campers. Personal teaching skills for a specialized activity, along with swimming ability, is a must. American Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR recommended. Weekly salary: $300 per week plus meals and housing. Returning staff salary: $350 per week. Click here to download the Counselor Job Description.

Seminarian/Christian Formation Director: A seminarian student to run the Christian Formation program. At least Bachelors degree holder and in Seminary or recently graduated from Seminary. Leadership skills essential. American Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR recommended. Click here to download the Christian Formation Job Description.

RN Nurse: Appropriate training and certification for assignment to the Health Center. Click here to download the Nurse Job Description.



Staff Training: We want you to be successful in your ministry. Training times introduces you to your co-workers as well as prepares you for a memorable summer. This is an active, intense time of preparation regarding Bible study research, child abuse advice, how to teach your skill area, and relationship development.

Required pre-camp training starts 2 weeks before camp. Staff members will be required to report to camp with a current medical history form completed, their drivers license, and if it is their first time employed by the camp, a copy of their birth certificate.

General Information: All counselors/staff will be trained in American Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR. At the start of the summer, staff will be required to purchase a camp Polo shirt, which will be worn on special occasions, such as Arrival and Departure days.

Paper Work: All staff/counselors evaluate their campers and programs twice during the summer, and complete mid-summer and end of camp evaluations.

What’s next? Please contact the Camp Office on 631-929-4325 or or complete the application here to apply for any of these open positions. We look forward to serving Christ with you!


Camp DeWolfe is truly a great place to work, and one of the best things that priests, pastors, friends, or other adults can do is share this opportunity for life-changing summer employment with a young adult they care about. If you would like to share this opportunity with someone you can do so using our hiring posters. Click here for a flyer that is great to put directly into the hands of a young adult you would like to see grow in their faith while changing the lives of children and youth. Click here for a tabbed poster to pin on a notice board!

Staff Registration