Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

In 2021, Camp DeWolfe celebrated its 74th year of ministry in the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island. During this past year, Camp DeWolfe continued to be a place of welcome, rest, and renewal for the thousands of people who participated in the summer camp and year-round retreat program offerings. For the second year, Camp DeWolfe offered “Family Camp” program options for families, small groups, and individuals, year-round. Guests of all ages and abilities were able to utilize our camp and enjoy all its amenities. In total, over 675 people participated in Camp DeWolfe’s summer programming alone and more have been retreating this fall in a purposeful and safe community, from churches, youth groups, schools, and community groups. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Since May, when the weather became warmer, watersports, such as kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding were offered in the mornings, while the climbing wall, archery, mountain biking, and arts and crafts were offered throughout the afternoons. Perhaps the best part of camp this summer was that the Christian formation program was offered to more guests than any other summer season. Spiritual formation programming and resources were provided each morning at 9am for children. For adults, evening prayer was offered three times a week, in addition to a livestream of Sunday services from parishes in our Diocese. Our hope is that God’s love was demonstrated and shared through the hospitality and service to all guests.

It was amazing to witness the camp in full operation, re-opening after the 2020 lockdown, and again providing all people the opportunity to rest, retreat, and have some fun on the North Shore of Long Island. In early 2021, eight of the cabins were renovated with air conditioning, new furniture, light fixtures, refrigerators, and microwaves. This allowed more families the opportunity to enjoy the camp and experience God in nature. Elsewhere, more accessible picnic tables were installed, with the addition of eight campfire rings, and WIFI capability was expanded across the campgrounds. Guests loved the upgraded facilities, as it has provided decentralized camping during the COVID-19 pandemic and the improvements will also be experienced by all guests for years to come. As we often say, “we do our best, and God does the rest”! Our goal through all our daily efforts continues to be to provide opportunities, for all God’s people, to experience the grace of Christ in His creation.

This past year will be remembered as one of reinvigorated hope for the future. As we enter the 75th year of “Changing Lives, Sharing Christ”, Camp DeWolfe will continue to serve all people as a ministry of this Diocese for years to come. Thank you for your continued support and be sure to come and experience Camp DeWolfe for yourself soon!

In Christ,

Matthew Tees
Executive Director