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Advent Blessings and Christmas Joy to you!

Posted on Dec 13, 2018 in Camp Blog, Searchable

As 2018 comes to a close and Advent begins the new church calendar year, it is an exciting time to pause and reflect upon how God has been moving during the last year. And also to pause and pray for how God will be moving in the upcoming year too.  In our family, God has surprised us in many ways this year. God has reminded us that His plans are always better than what we can strive to do in our own strength. His timing is perfect, His love is never ending, and His grace is abounding. We are so grateful and humbled for the gifts of life, hope and healing, that extend to us all, without...

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A place where God shows up

Posted on Nov 26, 2018 in Camp Blog, Searchable

Camp DeWolfe is no longer filled with campers laughing, swimming, or roasting marshmallows but that doesn’t mean the space isn’t being used. This fall, guests have snuggled into beds, gathered around good food, and found a place of rest and refresh. Weekends are filled with hosting groups and weeks with preparing the space for these groups to fill.  As buildings are painted, floors mopped, and laundry folded I get time to think about these spaces and the people who fill them. Physical space is a way we communicate what is important. The first building you see when pulling into camp...

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Meet the Summer Staff 2019

Posted on Nov 7, 2018 in Camp Blog, Searchable

1. Name? Chad 2. From? Cape Town, South Africa 3. Position on Staff? Camp Counselor 4. Most excited about for this summer? Travelling, as it will be my first place out of the country – and meeting new people! 6. Favorite Camp DeWolfe Core Value and Why? Natural Setting – Love being by the beach and open fields and love speaking to God this way! 7. Favorite camp activity and why?  Sports, Bonfires, Swimming!  8. Favorite parable? The Parable of the Mustard Seed! 8. Best way to spend a Sunday afternoon? We don’t do much on a Sunday afternoon – for us, it is quiet...

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Summer Camp Stories – Part 7

Posted on Oct 15, 2018 in Camp Blog, Searchable

As I reflect upon my time here at Camp DeWolfe this summer, there have been many highs. For me, one of the greatest things has been the team of counselors that I have worked alongside this summer – their unending support and friendship has been such a blessing to me and I will always be grateful to them for that.  All the children that were placed in my care this summer brought with them a variety of dynamic personalities, which meant there was never a dull moment each day. Living with and teaching them taught me the importance of having endless patience and enthusiasm, to maintain...

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Summer Camp Stories – Part 6

Posted on Oct 8, 2018 in Camp Blog, Searchable

My summer at camp has been an adventure from start to finish. Although often stressful, seeing the campers energetic and having fun is rewarding proof that our efforts were worth it. Being able to lead or join in with activities was the highlight of my camp. Teaching paddle boarding every morning alongside Cam was daunting at first, but soon became my favorite part of the day. Being able to take part in activities, such as archery and street hockey was a great opportunity to connect with the campers while also having fun. I have worked alongside a great team all summer and couldn’t have...

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Noticing God’s beauty

Posted on Oct 6, 2018 in Camp Blog, Searchable

I am by no means a professional photographer. I’m more of a self-taught wanna-be. As a girl I wandered around my neighborhood with one of those disposable cameras, trespassing on our neighbors’ lawns to take pictures of their flowers. Once I filled the roll, I’d run home and beg my mom to have the pictures developed. Waiting at least a week for my master pieces to be developed seemed like ages. Most of the time my finger would cover a corner, or the flower was blurry. A joy of my role is getting to capture the camping experience through pictures and videos. Over the years, my eye for...

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