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Adventure Challenge

Posted on May 12, 2012 in Camp Blog, Homepage Content, Searchable

This weekend, St Peter’s Lutheran Church from Greenport NY had their youth confirmation class retreat at Camp DeWolfe. They enjoyed time as a community, on the beach, making a camp fire, playing games and team building on the Challenge Course. If you are interested in team building workshops for your church, school, business, non-profit or family, sessions are either half day or full day for up to 12 people per facilitator. Call (631) 929 4325 today to book your...

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Tips for Adult-Teen Relationships

Posted on May 11, 2012 in Camp Blog, Homepage Content, Searchable, Uncategorized

Annie Fox’s 10 Tips for Improving Adult-Teen Relationships 1. Remember that you are the adult. Being a leader and a compassionateteacher is more important than being a teen’s friend. 2. Remain calm. Nothing gets resolved while stress levels are making itimpossible for you (and the teen) to think clearly. Can’t respond calmly?Then take a break until you can. 3. Talk less and listen more. Be a “safe” person to talk to. No one wants toopen up if all they get is lecture and criticism. 4. It’s a balancing act. The challenge is to remain emotionally involved whilegranting teens...

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Why summer camp?

Posted on May 10, 2012 in Camp Blog, Homepage Content, Searchable

So many Camp DeWolfe memories…..where to begin?   I remember my first night as a camper in 1974. It was raining and it sounded strange to me. I live in the city and was used to hearing rain on the concrete and asphalt instead of the grass. My parents sent me to Camp DeWolfe for 2 weeks that year. I was in Girls’ 5 and Nancy was my counselor. I liked it so much that after the first week, I wrote home and asked if I could return for the whole summer next year. And I did! I remember 2 of my counselors–Denise and Lynn. I remember Kent Rahm with a ponytail and an inverted...

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Why Camp DeWolfe?

Posted on May 9, 2012 in Camp Blog, Homepage Content, Searchable

Words from a former Camper… “A million years ago, I attended Camp DeWolfe as a troubled and misunderstood youth. From the moment I stepped foot on the blacktop I felt instantaneously healed by the magic of such a loving place. For the first time in life, I had a place on the planet and love was freely given and received.  Fast forward a million years later, I am now an educator of troubled and misunderstood youths. I find my greatest tool in reaching their hearts and minds are the very things I learned from Camp DeWolfe. Songs of love and Christ immediately cool down autistic...

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Parishes collaborate for a Service Saturday

Posted on May 5, 2012 in Camp Blog, Homepage Content, Searchable

On Saturday 5th May, volunteers from different Episcopal parishes visited Camp DeWolfe and spent their day serving in tangible and practical ways for a Service Saturday. Over 40 parishioners and priests from Christ Church Babylon, St George’s Hempstead, St Thomas Bushwick, St Mark’s Islip, Church of the Resurrection Williston Park, St Mary’s Hampton Bays, and St Luke’s Forest Hills got to meet and mingle, while completing outdoor work projects. Volunteers of all ages helped with brush clearing, weed wacking, raking, trash pick up, lawn mowing, and clearing years of...

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