1. Name
    Katherine Pena
  2. From?
    Bronx, NY
  3. School attending?
    Nyack College
  4. Position on staff?
    Unit Leader
  5. Most excited about For this summer?
    I’m most excited to return and plan Evening and Weekend programs, and to sing silly songs before meal times.
  6. Favorite Camp core Value and Why?
    Purposeful Community. Community has always been such a significant factor in my life in how I have grown as an individual, and it is so important for people to have a community that is intentional and that is encouraging. As the Body of Christ, we are called to be in community with one another, and we are able to get a glimpse of what that is like when we come into fellowship with The Father when we are intentional in creating a purposeful community with the opportunities to grow individually and collectively.
  7. Favorite Camp activity and Why?
    Weekend Program is my favorite because it is always action packed and it is memorable and life-changing for a lot of the staff and the campers. It gives campers the opportunity to work outside of their cabin and to make new and lasting relationships, and they take on challenges with courage and excitement like never before.
  8. Favorite parable?
    The Prodigal Son.
  9. Best way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
    After teaching Sunday School, it is always great to grab some icecream and to sit by the pier.