1. Name
    Rachel Cregier
  2. From?
    Lancaster, CA
  3. School attending?
    Pace University
  4. Position on staff?
    Camp counselor
  5. Most excited about For this summer?
    Teaching kids how to be Legolas (Archery).
  6. Favorite Camp core Value and Why?
    Natural Setting: I have always enjoyed the splendor and beauty that nature provides. I wish to encourage the campers to see it in big places like the sky and in small places like a ladybug on a leaf.
  7. Favorite Camp activity and Why?
    Archery because we all get to learn how to be Legolas.
  8. Favorite parable?
    The Good Samaritan
  9. Best way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
    Taking a walk by the coast and eating pizza.