Camp DeWolfe is such a wonderful place to come and experience God and I am grateful that I got the opportunity to work at Camp DeWolfe again this summer. I say ‘work’, but in all honesty it didn’t feel like work at all, due to the homely feel that camp brings about and the amazing staff that have become close friends.

This year, I felt God wanted me to take on more challenges and boy was I challenged! I led canoeing this was very fulfilling as I got to teach the campers and watch them attempt things that were terrifying for them and then progressing from that. Seeing campers progress from one stage to next was definitely a highlight of mine and not because they managed to do it but because they were willing to try and in the process gain a little more trust in themselves. I also feel that I grew a lot more myself, as I learnt more skills in regards to canoeing and in teaching canoeing. I also found myself learning from the campers in regards to living life and seeing how resilient they are.

I feel like God blessed me with an amazing summer experience which had its ups and downs like all things in life, however through the tough times, I found joy in the campers and them uplifting me, which I thought was amazing. Working at Camp DeWolfe again has been an enjoyable experience and I pray Camp DeWolfe continues to be that way.

By Karen Ncube

Returning Counselor and Canoeing Instructor (2014 & 2015)

Karen and her co-workers

Karen and her co-workers