As I look back on the past summer I struggle to think of a time where I have been happier then what I’ve been here at Camp DeWolfe. Never have I experienced such fulfillment and purpose in life. Throughout the process of applying to Camp America you are told what a life changing experience and opportunity working at a camp is for you. In reality, I was totally unprepared for what God had in store for me.

Having just completed my first year of university, I found myself lost in my faith and unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. The biggest change I’ve seen in myself by coming to Camp DeWolfe has been my perspective on life. As a young adult, we tend to just see the world as no bigger than our needs and ourselves. I found myself seeing my future as something I control and determine. Camp has taught me that it is not my plan but rather GOD’S plan; I have to trust in HIM first. It was during the last session, Adventure Camp, where I truly began to grasp this. After having been put in charge of the LITs for three weeks, I now found myself looking after six bright, young ladies. Never before have I had young girls look up to me as a role model and trust me to help them along their journey. I realized that my being affects not only me but also those around us in more significantly then I thought. Not only was I impacting their lives, they were impacting mine. I saw God through their stories and growth in confidence and perseverance.

I also saw God in my surroundings; not only the people I worked with but also the natural setting Camp DeWolfe is blessed to have. The best part of Camp DeWolfe, in my opinion, is the close knit family we have all become. I have found myself closer to people I’ve known for nine weeks then I do with people I’ve known for years. One of the aspects I struggle most with in life is being able to trust in others and to ask others for help. Being with these amazing people for nine weeks has helped me with this and I’ve learned that sometimes it’s okay to ask for help. The natural setting surrounding Camp DeWolfe has also helped me in my faith in God and Jesus Christ. It’s extremely hard to look out onto the Long Island Sound every day and not believe something almighty created it.

While my time here at Camp DeWolfe is ending (at least for this year), I know that the experiences and memories I’ve made will forever be with me. Camp has changed me as a person and while I may not know what God has in store for my future, I now feel more secure in my faith and life.

– By Lily Jones-Herbst

Summer Camp Counselor/LIT Leader

Lily teaching Archery

Lily teaching Archery