Camp DeWolfe is no longer filled with campers laughing, swimming, or roasting marshmallows but that doesn’t mean the space isn’t being used. This fall, guests have snuggled into beds, gathered around good food, and found a place of rest and refresh. Weekends are filled with hosting groups and weeks with preparing the space for these groups to fill. 

As buildings are painted, floors mopped, and laundry folded I get time to think about these spaces and the people who fill them. Physical space is a way we communicate what is important. The first building you see when pulling into camp is the St Luke’s Chapel, because we want Christ as the center of all we do. The windows are endless as to invite light to enter and fill the space. Thanks to a generous donor, our beds are comfortable because both physical and spiritual rest can be found here. 

Nine months of the year Camp DeWolfe is a space that people come, use for a couple days, and leave. But I believe that physical space communicates something about who God is. That what can be found in those few days guests are here– rest, community, growth, – is made complete in this space.

My prayer for the people who come to this place is that God would whisper “Take off your sandals, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground” just as God said to Moses. May Camp DeWolfe be a space where God shows up. 

-By Lizzy Rice 
Program Coordinator