I had come away from summer camp 2014 wanting more and counting down the days until I could sign up as a returner.. But I was torn between studying/working or coming back for another summer.. And so it was late December that I finally decided to come back and spend another summer in the states!

This year at camp has been a little different from the last, as I stepped up my roles with the new camp activities, such as instructing paddle boarding, drama classes and small group for the counselors.

I’ve loved having this opportunity to experience leading the new activities, being responsible for making the activities fun and exciting, and seeing the campers grow and share the excitement they have had in those classes. It has been so rewarding!

I have also seen personal growth in myself while being here at camp and so far from home. Yes, there had been challenging times, but there are rewarding times too and you really do get to know yourself better in those times. While being here at camp you really feel the sense of ‘family’ and really rely on one another and God…

The word support comes to mind when I think of the camp 2015 staff. I am so thankful to have met all the wonderful staff this year and to be reunited with some of the returners. I am grateful to have shared the many memories and laughs that have happened this summer.. As we like to say it in New Zealand… Cheers for that!

I hope to see you all next year!

By Rebekah Joyce
Summer Camp Counselor 2014 and 2015

Beki and her camper Jess

Beki and her camper Jess