Adventure Camp 2013 is mid-way through it’s 12 day session now! Over 40 youth arrived on Sunday 28th July for their summer camp experience! As part of this summer camp season 2013, many of the Camp’s Board of Managers have enjoyed spending time with the youth and staff at Camp DeWolfe. Here are some words from Adam Zaher, from Christ Church Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, who was also on the 2012 staff:

Encountering Christ is at the forefront of Camp DeWolfe’s mission. From taking a boat out on the Long island sound in the morning to the fireside reflections in the evening, kids and adults alike can find Christ at camp all day. It was my privilege to spend two days in Wading River and see firsthand the mission of Camp DeWolfe hard at work.

From the moment I arrived the smile on the children’s faces brightened my day as they remembered me from last year. The fun times continued through the day as we played sports, shot bows and arrows at the archery range and did service projects around the camp. The day wrapped up with the whole camp gathered around a fire sharing all the wonderful experiences had throughout the week.

The next morning was full of adventure as we kayaked, canoed and swam our way around the Long Island sound. Saying goodbye was the hardest part as I truly enjoyed every moment I spent at camp. The inner child that had been repressed by the everyday of city living was glistening with the joy of being surrounded by fun, fellowship and the love of Christ.

Christ at the Center

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