While working at Camp DeWolfe this summer, I have witnessed God in many campers and in some of the staff I worked closely with or became close to. They all have helped me to become more confident in myself, to come out of my shell and to be more outspoken. This helps me because I can take this with me throughout life.

Not only did everyone help me but I helped them also. With campers who came to camp shy from day one, as day four approached they were a new person. I realized I set an example for them to follow. I enjoyed being someone the campers looked up to.

Camp DeWolfe is a place for children to come to every summer and feel welcomed by everyone and to enjoy their childhood as some do not get the chance to do so. I enjoyed hearing campers say “this is the best camp ever” with a huge smile on their face! Hearing this made my heart smile.

I hope for the summer sessions to grow bigger and bigger as the years go on.

-By Shamila Dixon

Camp Counselor 2014 and 2015

Shamila and camper

Shamila and camper