This February, Camp DeWolfe offered a “Listening to God” adult retreat for guests to come away and retreat to “Be Still and Know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). Dr. John McGinty from the Mercer School of Theology in Garden City facilitated the overnight retreat. Here are some comments from the guests themselves about the highlight’s of their retreat:

Thank you for this first step in an important new direction for Camp DeWolfe.  I have often thought that so much of the Bishop’s vision for our Diocese necessitates spiritual listening skills and the ability to have “holy conversations,” as John McGinty phrased it. Ultimately, this means a commitment of time and discipline on the part of individuals (ordained and lay), parishes, and cluster groupings….

…John did a masterful job providing the broad framework and basic skills for imaginative engagement with Scripture and Lectio Divina as a form of mediation….

·         The first night… with ample time for quiet and contemplation, a much needed opportunity to wind down, and a perfect way to set the pace; really appreciated the reintroduction to Lectio Divinia and to the imagination exercise as a way to access the Scripture…

·       …I have never seen a program at Camp DeWolfe before that I wanted to attend, so it was great coming to the Camp for a retreat!

Listening to God Retreat

Listening to God Retreat