Veil and Burse

Different people have different understandings of what a “worship service” is supposed to be. Some people see it as us communicating to God how much we love God. Some people see it as us seeking to experience God. Either way, Christians set time and space apart to come together as a community, pray, and sing songs to God. We like to call the space set apart for worship “sacred space”.

The things of worship show us that “sacred space” is set apart for something: the candles, the altar, the instruments, the vestments. All of these things say, “Something different is happening here.” All of these physical symbols help to create a space in which we can connect with the beauty, grace, and love of God.


That is why we are so thankful to St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and Deacon Jason Moskal for providing us new parements for our altar. The Superfrontal they donated tells our campers and staff alike that St. Luke’s Chapel is set apart, that it is a place where we are going to experience God and God’s Kingdom. The beauty of the altar hanging reminds us that God gives us God’s best, and that God desires our best.

Thank you St. Mark’s!