On Saturday 10th December, the Boy Scout Troop 300 from St George’s Episcopal Church in Hempstead served at Camp DeWolfe. Steve Lindo and the troop gave their Saturday to do a couple of essential projects in the crisp yet sunny winter weather. The troop distributed over 50 new tempur-pedic mattresses to all the heated cabins and returned old mattresses to the dining hall for donation. Then the troop did some brush clearing in front of St Luke’s Chapel. This work now means the chapel can be seen from view upon entrance. The eagle scouts led the other scouts and the group served self-sufficiently and with dedication and enthusiasm. This troop is proud to run itself and the other scouts train and lead the younger scouts. What a team of young men of God! It was a gift to be part of this day. Camp DeWolfe looks forward to hosting this troop again in the new year, as they have monthly servicer projects and monthly camping trips as part of their program. We are thankful to now be back on their list of locations/sites for their program as they spend time in community, the outdoors and as they develop as leaders in Christ. Are you involved in Boy Scouts or Eagle Scouts? Contact the Camp Office today if you are interested in using Camp DeWolfe as a camp site or service project site! “Those who work hard will prosper and be satisfied.” (Proverbs 13:4 NLT)