Matthew 18:20

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.”


And, just like that, we are now in our Learning to Forgivelast full activity day of our Explorer Camp session! It really has been an awesome week full of fun, excitement, and Jesus! He has certainly been present this week in all of our chapel sessions and activities with the campers. Sunday night was a great first night with our first chapel session, opening campfire and getting to know one another. Monday morning we began our first full day of activities with chapel right on through to water Olympics in the evening; a great first full day!


As the week has progressed we have looked at how we can build our own community of Christ here at Camp DeWolfe. We’ve done this in our chapel sessions during which different stories from scripture showed us how community has been part of the life of Christianity since the beginning. The theme of Community was broken down each day into different categories: the courage to show up, to trust, to forgive, to stand, to do justice, to change, and to connect. Some of the stories we’ve looked at are the call of Abram, the story of Ruth and Naomi, of Joseph forgiving his brothers, of Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego, and Esther. Each of these stories brings out the importance of community in the life of the faithful. Tonight, at our Eucharist with Father Sheldon, we’ll look at a story from Acts in which the Spirit falls on everyone and we must change who we are to welcome everyone. Finally, tomorrow, we’ll see how, in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus calls us to bring our community of faith across borders to all people and expand the community of Christ.


Our community Dancing like Miriam!here at Camp DeWolfe is a pretty great one. Our Explorer campers have shown us what it means to live out our call to be Disciples of Christ in our camp as well as in our communities back home. I can’t believe this week has gone so quickly but it has been one filled with laughter, great food, (thanks, Chef Alex!) and Grace. I’m looking forward to our closing campfire tonight and for one more chapel session tomorrow with our campers. Our prayers are with all the families who are traveling tomorrow! See you then!

Grace and Peace,
Stephen Tamke

Christian Formation Director