Chris Cassonetto has been a Camp DeWolfe camper for years. The following is the testimony he shared at our 70th Anniversary Celebration on June 3rd.

Camp DeWolfe changed my life in so many ways its indescribable. They truly are my second family. The counselors really act like older brothers and sisters to the campers. Camp DeWolfe allowed me to connect with God in a way I never knew I could. I often find myself teaching my family some of the prayers and songs. When I go to Camp DeWolfe in the summer I never want to leave. Camp DeWolfe has really changed my life for the better.

I would like to thank St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Farmingdale and St. Jude’s Episcopal Church in Wantagh. They have helped me go to camp and have followed me through my faith journey. I would especially like to thank Father Christopher [Hofer] and Mother Maxine [Barnett]. If it was not for them I probably would not be going to Camp DeWolfe and not as involved in my church. So I thank them very much.

This all started when my mom decided I needed to go to summer camp. We chose Camp DeWolf. She thought this camp would be the right fit for me and she was right. I want to become more involved in camp and in my church. Ever year it is my decision to go back. This will be my fourth summer going to Camp DeWolfe. My goal is to one day become a camp counselor at Camp DeWolfe. Camp DeWolfe has allowed me to make new friends and keep those friends even after camp.

Camp DeWolfe has put me on the right path to follow my goals. This has been my outlook, to see what I can give back to the camp community and my own community. I never thought a camp like Camp DeWolfe would have such a big impact on my life. Everything I learned at camp I try to apply to my everyday life. Every year camp gets better and better and after every summer I become closer with God and see myself becoming a better person.

I would like to thank the Camp DeWolfe family for always being there for me when times are tough, throughout camp, and for every thing they have done for me an my family.