Dear G1,

We had fun this summer – it was a LOT of fun, especially in arts and craft… *laugh*. I have achieved a lot of my goals, like in archery! Steph, Hannah and Yorel – you guys were the best counselors ever. Also you guys were our best friends. The devos were really cool in how we shared our day and how we felt. We were (G1 girls) luck to have you with us in that cabin, together as a cabin, but no more or less than a family! Camp DeWolfe ROCKS! Corey and Tyrell did an awesome job with sports. I had super fun with Jess and Katie in canoeing and kayaking. Bethan an Pete made me feel safe on the rock climbing wall, cat walk, and especially the Tarzan ropes (so scary!)! The LITs were so funny and cool. Megan and Mike did a super job running the camp straight!

Love Asianna


I had so much fun! I loved can do it again. I miss Kaitlyn’s hugs. I also miss Steph Hannah and Yorel. Im sure it was Steph who woke us up on the first day and not Hannah. I loved giving hugs to everyone, which is probably the reason I got “most likely to give you a hug” award. Being in G1 helped me embrace my awkwardness….lol… I will always have single one of you in my heart. Gaga was a new sport for me and I liked it a lot. It is a really fun sports. There was always Lindsay with her cheerleader leg lift to dodge the ball. I hope I will see you guys next year. I had fun.

Love Jhanique