I personally believe that Camp DeWolfe successfully touched all of the camp’s core values in 2015:

Christian Formation- It was enjoyable exploring all of the good “fruits”in our lives such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control HEY! (part of the song we sang as well !) We learned about the Body of Christ, that the Church is not just a building for mass, but is made up of everyone of us.

Empowering Leaders- I saw growth in the campers, whether they were ready to help set up for meals, or volunteer to offer and say a prayer, they got right to it, and for that I am proud and impressed that these campers have chosen to take initiative and get out of their comfort zone! The individuals that I have seen grown the most are the LIT’s. They learned skills that will help them as potential counselors and ever growing leaders. They have done several service projects such as painting the cabins to preserve the camp, and built two new benches to help improve the camp.

Natural Setting- We have demonstrated good use of this value this year at Camp DeWolfe. In the Adventure Camp session, we took a hike down the beach to Wildwood State Park to set up and camp out for the night. It was pleasure to see the campers enjoy how fun they can have living God’s creation.

Purposeful Community- Through the games we played, songs we sang, and creative grace prayers, we grew closer together to share the special memories that we can cherish and bring home to tell to our families and friends My faith life has grown by choosing to live in a christian community for this summer being that I go to Catholic University. I am content that I have gratefully made the right choice.

I have enjoyed my time here at Camp DeWolfe which has brought nothing but well blessed memories; with not only the staff that I have been with all 8 weeks, but as well as the campers. That I have witnessed their joyful moments, to the heart-breaking feeling of waiting until next year.

-By Nicholas Lande
Summer Camp Counselor

Nick in the Sand

Nick in the Sand