Discovery Camp is now in full swing!  With over 40 campers (including the LITs – Leaders in Training) arriving here on Sunday 14th July, and here through Friday 26th July, half of whom are returning from last year, each day is bursting with activities that include ideas and learning.

As the program coordinator, I have the opportunity to sit at a different table each meal, and I hear from the campers about how their morning or afternoon had gone.  They are having fun doing all the water and land activities.  A few highlights have been getting back on the archery range, remembering how to capsize and right a sailing boat, and getting into the pool for free swim after a hot day!  We are appreciative for the time to sit and rest in the heat of the day after lunch in cabin time.  Everyone also loves the air conditioning in the St Luke’s Chapel!

Christian Formation happens twice a day, and the participation has been wonderful!  Yesterday, and as I write, the campers are creating their own skits to show changed lives and the creation story.  This group has been particularly creative and the acting is quite good!  Dan, our seminarian who leads and coordinates Christian Formation, has been encouraging us to think through what God might have for us to learn this week about creation and about each other.

The campers thank you for all the letters and prayers!  They love to receive mail, and are also glad to be having fun with their new friends.

You may send letters to:
[Camper Name – Cabin Number]
Camp DeWolfe
PO Box 487
Wading River,
NY 11792

-Words from Karen Bartos
(Summer Program Coordinator)

Kevin and Corey on Arrival Day:
Corey and Kevin

Swim Evals:

Swim Evals



First dinner:

First dinner

Smores with Megan and Kaitlyn:


Campfire with Father Brian Blayer:


Sail Boat Regatta:

Sail Boat Regatta

G1 Party People Boat:

G1 boat

Boys boat:

Boy's boat

Guys boat:

Boat for Race

Race time:

Race time



Skits in Christian Formation:

Christian Formation Skits

Girl time:

Girl time

Song time:

Shark songs

LIT Service Afternoon:

LIT painting

LIT Service Project:

LIT painting

Arts and Crafts:

Arts and Crafts



Go team:


Discovery Campers:

Discovery Campers

Swim lessons:

Free swim

Climbing the Wall:


Kayaking on the Sound:


Happy Campers:

Happy Campers

Swimming in the Sound:

Swim in the Sound

Go Boating:

Go Boating

Lunch time:

Lunch time

G2  lunch:

G2 lunch

Katie the Lifeguard:

Katie Lifeguarding

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