Hello Camp DeWolfe Family.

It’s crazy that Discovery Camp is almost to a close. We hope you have been keeping up with our other blogs. If you haven’t be sure and check those out below.

In our final week of Discovery Camp, we continued our quest for the coveted Holy Grail. This week our kingdoms were off building sand castles on the beach to see which kingdom had the best architecture and building design skills.

We also had our Save The Kingdom camp service project where Campers were kingdoms competed to pick-up the most trash from around the camp! It was awesome to see the campers work so hard to make the camp cleaner and better for the future.

We also built some viking boats from cardboard, pool floats, and of course duck tape (that stuff can fix anything!) The Kingdoms raced their cardboard boats across the swimming pool to see who could be the first across without their cardboard falling apart.

We also took advantage of more recycled cardboard to have a castle building competition! All of the castles were quite intricate and the kingdoms did a wonderful job representing their kingdoms.

We finished up the week learning about how Jesus is our savior and how much he loves us. We enjoyed Discovery Camp and hope to see everyone back next summer! Also be sure to check out our Fall and Winter Camp!