Hello Camp DeWolfe Family,

We are almost halfway through Discovery Camp. If you read our Explorer Camp Blog you’ve already got to take a look into what we have been talking about in our Christian formation program.

This year in our Activity program we have been off on the quest for the Holy Grail, much like King Arthur in his legendary journey for the cup that Jesus himself was said to have drank. In keeping with our medieval “Holy Grail” theme, we have had some pretty epic clashing of kingdoms. Our campers have been participating in activities with their  “kingdoms” (activity groups) like we briefly mentioned in our last blog post.

This week we had a Kingdom banquet for all the King’s People in which we had an entire meal themed after the cuisine of the medieval times. There were chicken legs, potatoes, and other finger foods (because they must not have had silverware back in the medieval times.)

Our Kingdoms also participated in the Amazing Race! In the Amazing Race, our kingdoms were off looking for items through out camp and solving medieval themed riddles in an effort to be the first Kingdom to return from their quest.

Campers participated in a Eucharist service this week and got to experience our “true kingdom” the body of Christ. Campers also spent some time to stop in pray in the midst of our busy world and to learn about the Lord’s Prayer this week.

Looking forward to another awesome week of Discovery Camp!