My experience at Camp DeWolfe this summer has been such a memorable one. I’ve learned so much. God has shown himself to me in the environment here and in all the kids. These kids have shown me that they are capable of setting aside their differences to live along side one another while at camp, something that is very difficult even for grown adults to do. In one of my cabins “cabin time” my campers had a “campers only share” meeting and shared life stories in hopes of understanding one another better. These campers have humbled me and shown me that we shouldn’t underestimate people for their age.

It was also great to see campers allow themselves to experience God at this camp. After talking and praying with an LIT, they came to me one night after evening chapel and said, “Hey Robert, I just want to let you know that because of you, for the first time in a long time, I actually prayed and it felt good!” My heart was filled with so much joy! Camp DeWolfe has taught me a lot, especially through each and everyone of our campers.

Robert Yang
Summer Counselor 2017