Karen and Alex

Karen (left) and Alex – 2013

Since working at Camp DeWolfe in 2013 as Program Coordinator, I have worked at CSH, a company that helps society’s most vulnerable people and builds healthy communities by using housing as a platform to improve lives. Part of that work is for the US Department of Housing Urban Development (HUD), which recently published an Ending Youth Homelessness Guidebook Series. These three guidebooks help community leaders and partners act to prevent and end youth homelessness through Planning, Collaborating with Mainstream systems, and using Promising Program Models.


You can find these Guidebooks on HUD’s website, or linked on CSH’s website.

Strong people come from strong communities, and I am grateful for Camp DeWolfe’s part in growing that in myself and so many people, and I am grateful for CSH and the opportunity to keep improving lives and communities!
Karen Bartos
Associate Program Manager for CSH
Summer Staff Alumnus