Here at Camp DeWolfe, we ultimately have three goals that we try to fulfill; the first is making camp fun. Adventure Camp has simply been fun for all of us. Each hour of the day is filled with some sort of activity, and whatever it may be (kayaking, swimming, biking, arts & crafts, Christian Formation, etc.), the goal is to always be fun. It was a little sad to see a few of our friends leave at the end of week 2, but regardless, we have still had tons of fun this third week. I am sure we met this goal. Our second goal is to be safe. Seeing how hard the counselors work to keep each camper safe, parents, rest assured that we have fulfilled this goal as well. But fun and safety are only two of our three goals. Our third goal is that our campers experience Jesus in all of his goodness.

The theme of Summer 2017 is “All Things New” from Isaiah 43:19-21. We have learned and experienced so many new things. We have learned more about Creation, our stewardship of creation, God’s forming and shaping of us, new modes of worship, our response of worshipful living, and “Mishpat” community. On this third week, we are going over the holidays. We have learned about the Incarnation and resurrection of Jesus, the life and mission of St. Patrick, and our mission as ministers of the Gospel. In all that we have learned in Christian Formation and through each camp activity, we hoped for our campers to experience Jesus. Our God is lovingly and actively engaged in our life; from simply brushing our teeth to swimming in the sound, God is engaged. The goal of Camp DeWolfe is to experience Jesus in a safe and fun environment, and we pray that each camper did.

But there is another, understated goal we have in mind. Our final goal is that each camper take home what they have learned and share it. We want campers to remember the silly stories as well as the moments when God did a new thing in their life. We want campers to remember their time here and shout out all the good things that happened. We have seen God move and it is not a thing to be held inside to ourselves. Our experience at summer camp 2017 is our testimony that Jesus is alive and engaged in our lives. If Jesus has been so good to us these past couple of weeks, how could we not share it? To the Adventure Campers, may the Lord’s face ever shine on you and may you always remember His goodness as you tell others about it.

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, ‘Your God reigns!’” (Isaiah 52:7)