My oh my! How wonderful this week will be! This past Sunday was the start of our 2017 Summer Explorer Camp and I think all of the staff and campers can agree it started off on a high note! The staff have been tirelessly training, preparing, and praying for our incoming campers and we are just so glad that they are here now. The smiles and laughter of the campers keep us going. So far, we have heard of the many new things the campers have been trying (e.g. bike riding, swimming, sailing, archery, arts and crafts, etc.) and there is not one camper who is not happy (though some are still a tad bit homesick at times).

To see our Explorers try new things goes hand-in-hand with our theme for this summer: “All Things New” (Isaiah 43:19). In our Christian Formation times, we have been learning about how God is going to do new things in all of our lives during camp. More than just the activities, God is going to do new things in our hearts and we are all open to what and how He is going to do that. Today, our Explorers will see how God is ever present throughout Creation and how we as His creation and children are a part of that. God finished Creation in Genesis 1, but He continues to create and do new things in nature as well! Why not the same in all of our lives? God is going to do new things in our lives this week so moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, friends, and whoever else simply reading this, pray that we are open and ready for Him!

Peter Vang
Christian Formation Director
Camp DeWolfe