Hello Camp DeWolfe Family! Explorer Camp was awesome this year! It’s crazy how fast a week of camp can go by. This year our theme was “Get Real: Finding Your True-self in Christ.” We explored who Jesus really is and what that means for us. We started the week learning about how Jesus was the son of God and that he loved us enough to come to earth to live amongst us and free us from the burden of sin. Campers learned that because Jesus lived as a human on earth, he understands us and we don’t have to be afraid to come to him when we need help.

We continued our week by talking about how Jesus is a Good King and that he is unlike any other king that has ever existed. Jesus became our King and savior when he was born into this world and ultimately crucified and resurrected for us. The crazy thing is that God promised he would send his son to earth wayyyyyy before Jesus ever came to earth through his prophet Isiah (Isiah 9:6) and even through Abraham when God promises to “bless the world through him.” We talked about Abraham’s trust in God and how God Keeps his promises, even when we mess up and make mistakes! We talked about the miracles of Jesus and how he has the power to heal! We finished up the week by discovering how much God loves us and that he is our savior. Jesus is not ashamed to call us his family! Our true identity is that we are brothers and sisters of Christ!

In our activities, we spent time on the quest for the holy grail. Campers were split into Kingdoms and went on the quest together! Each team received points for participating in activities and having positive attitudes at camp. When we weren’t on the quest for the grail, Campers had a great time participating in archery, boating, wilderness activities, swimming, biking, sports, and arts and crafts. It was a great week full of fun and learning. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back here again next year!

By Tyler Roberts
Christian Formation Director