Without a doubt, God is doing new things here at camp. For the past week, we have been learning of God’s goodness and how we are to respond to


that. God created and formed every detail of the world around us to interstellar space beyond. Though Creation was finished in seven days, God is still continuing to create and do new things in our lives each and every day. God is the potter who is continually shaping us as well! He’s kindly shaping and refining us to reflect the image of His Son, Jesus. So what is our response? It’s quite an easy answer actually. Worship.

God is like a mother and father who sweetly snuggles up with their newborn child. Our response as people is to then worship Him. But not just through songs, but through any creative fashion. He created us in His image, so we also have is creative ability as well. When we read through the Psalms, song and music seem to pour out from a man’s soul. But God also gave Bezalel and Oholiab (Exod. 31) the ability to craft His Tabernacle with art and skill. We therefore also worshiped God through art. In our cabins, we each colored a poster with as much creativity as possible, and each poster ended up splendid. But as we pieced them together, a colorful collage of Jesus came about. In our awe, we learned that we can worship God through art (specifically coloring!).


Discovery Camp has been absolutely wonderful. As we come nearer to the end, I turn around to see the wonderful things God has done in the lives of each of our campers. We have gained new understandings and insights about God as well as learning to live a new life for Him. God will continually to do new things in our lives hereafter camp and I am excited to see what they are specifically for each camper. God is moving in our Discovery campers so I pray that they continue to in His path so they might know His love and sweetness. Parents, we return your children to you with excitement of all the new things our God will continue to do. May the Lord’s blessings be on you and your children.