During my summer at Camp DeWolfe I saw God many different times.  The times I felt God’s presence the strongest were whenever we were in the St Luke’s Chapel.  The back window overlooks the Long Island Sound.  You can see Jesus on the cross, trees, and the Long Island Sound from the right view.  I have felt that this view alone embodies Camp DeWolfe and Christian Formation.

I experienced several highs this summer at each different camp session.  These highs started with the youngest group at Explorer Camp where many campers were staying away from home for the first time.  I went from seeing children sad to say goodbye to their parents, to crying while saying bye to their new friends at the end of the session.

The second group of campers at Discovery Camp showed the most improvement as a camp community.  In the beginning, many campers weren’t sure of their beliefs and faith.  By the end of the session, the youth were taking leadership and ownership of Christian Formation.  The final camp – Adventure Camp had the most mature and helpful campers.  They sought to make an impression on the staff and they were successful.  Their nightly devotions contained many inner reflections. As a Unit Leader, I enjoyed watching the campers and counselors grow with each camp!

By Mike Tuleja

Unit Leader

Christian Formation time

Christian Formation time