A letter from a former camper and current supporter of Camp DeWolfe’s ministry….

Dear fellow Camp DeWolfe staff,

I would like to share my experience with you, as well as thank the camp for everything I’ve learned, and for helping me grow with a good head on my shoulders, and grow with God as well. My mother attended as a camper in the 1960’s, as she must have loved the experience because my sister attended as a camper and counselor in the 1980’s, and i was a camper and counselor in the 1990’s..

As a teenager, I was torn and confused as to what and who God was, and what my purpose in life was to be, after being forced to camp to be away from my friends and family for 2 weeks I learned how to play with others, I learned structure and balance as well as fun and games and meeting people I would’ve never thought I’d make friends with.. I was always social phobic and afraid to make new friends. After my first year, I loved it so much I then forced my friends to become campers as well.. I have so many special stories, and I love sharing them to this day.  So many special memories from the camp. I also had always hated dealing with children until I became a counselor when I was 17. I was assigned to the 7-8 yr old’s and it was a partial nightmare the first week, some kids didn’t want to shower, and some didn’t want to wake up. But i remembered the balance and structure that I had learned at that age and applied it to the kids I was dealing with at that time, and it worked.  They all turned out to be God’s special angels, and I believe that my whole Camp De Wolfe experience happened for a reason in my life.

There were so many good and decent people that I will always remember and always hold a special place in my heart for them.

To sum it up, I would like to a special part of the camp where old and new campers can meet and get to learn about each others’ experiences. If there is any way I can still keep that special place in my heart, as I still visit to this day. Is there anything special I can do to help keep the camp a memorable experience for everyone else?

God bless.