Sun and s’mores may seem like all you need to have fun at summer camp… But going away for a residential camp session takes a lot of planning and prepping, so here are some tips to make packing easier for you and your youth!

What to wear?

Dust off the suitcase or bag and start packing a couple weeks in advance. That way, you’ll avoid any last-minute shopping trips to frantically buy yourself a new swimsuit to replace the old one that’s now two sizes too small! Pack plenty of T-shirts and shorts, but bring some warm clothes too, like jeans and sweatshirts, as it can get cold at night. Other clothing must-haves include pajamas, flip flops, sneakers, a hat and plenty of socks and underwear. There’s a swimming pool, and the beach front, so don’t forget the swim suit and towel. And since there’s always the risk of overpacking (and even underpacking), but each session is only a week! 

What to pack?

Once clothes and shoes are packed away, you’ll have to gather up the camping gear…

  • -Sleeping bag
  • -Pillow.
  • -Sunglasses
  • -A flashlight with extra batteries (they come in handy when you’re sitting around the campfire)
  • -Sunscreen
  • -Insect repellent.
  • -A first aid kit (camp counselors will have these on hand, but it’s always a good idea to pack your own to fix up any scrapes and bruises you may get).
  • -Hygiene essentials like toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap and deodorant!

How can my child deal with homesickness?

  • -Keep a family photo in your wallet and take it out every now and then to remind you of what they look like.
  • -Bring pre-stamped postcards to write home.
  • -Camp life won’t keep you busy 24/7. So if you think you’re gonna get bored at times, bring along some books and magazines. You can even bring some munchies (sharing snacks is a great way to make friends), but don’t keep it lying around for too long cuz it’ll attract bugs. And if a trail of ants does come along, just bust out the insect repellent!