My time spent at camp has got be one of the best experiences ever. During the first few days of orientation and staff training, I had no idea of what to expect at Camp, but to my anticipation it was well worth it and exceeded my expectation.

During my time at Camp DeWolfe, I made some life-long friendships that can never be replaced.Camp De Wolfe’s vision is to support spiritual formation, by providing a natural setting for people to engage in community and I believe in my heart that my purpose and that vision was definitely fulfilled. Experiencing God in a natural setting was different for me, seeing as I have never experienced it before. Camping out was one of my goals and I’m glad I achieved it at Camp De Wolfe.

I was given much responsibility at Camp DeWolfe which I thoroughly enjoyed. As a General counselor and LIT counselor, I learned about myself and others around me.

Developing leaders has definitely been present this year at camp 2015. Working as an LIT counselor has indeed been one of my highlights to date. The LITS have been working so hard on different tasks and responsibilities such as; service projects and shadowing other activities like kayaking, sports and games, archery and many more. The LITS were given the opportunity to lead different games and to also be part of a group. They were given the opportunity to learn, grow, develop and experience how to be a counselor which is exciting.

To round up, working for Camp De Wolfe was an amazing experience, learning different ways to worship, singing songs, interacting and getting to know the campers, leading activities, setting up tents, will be something that i will not forget.

Thank you Camp De Wolfe for this unforgettable amazing experience.

By Abigail Olasoji

Summer Camp Counselor 2015

Abigail with campers

Abigail with campers