Over the next few weeks, our 2013 summer staff will be introducing themselves and sharing some info with you, looking forward to meeting campers and families for an awesome summer 2013. Here is Corey Wiley’s Staff Bio to kick off this series of staff blog posts…

What’s your name?

Corey Wiley

What’s your age?


What’s your hometown?

Queens, New York

What college/university do you attend? What major?

SUNY Albany , sociology major

What’s your favorite food?

Grilled shrimp

What’s your favorite camp activity and why?

Capture the flag because it’s a fun ice breaker ,while being competitive at the same time.

What are you most looking forward to about summer 2013 and why?

Meeting new/returning campers , it’s a good feeling to know that you’ve impacted their lives and mad sure their camp experience was unforgettable.

What’s your favorite camp core value (community, Christian Formation, Developing Leaders or Natural Setting) and Why?

Natural setting because Camp DeWolfe is very peaceful and allows for self reflection and growth.

What do you love most about Camp DeWolfe?

The beach is one of my favorites because of the sunset and the sound of the water , it’s a beautiful setting.

What’s your dream job/vocation/calling for life? 

I’m not really sure yet , but whatever it is I would love to be able to live comfortably and without an alarm clock.


I would describe my experience at Camp DeWolfe from summer 2012 as memorable and exciting. I met a lot of amazing people and tried a lot of new things that I would’ve never imagined doing. It’s amazing the amount of trust and respect that can form between a camper and a counselor during a week. When the campers arrive on that first Sunday you can see the excitement and nervousness in their faces. Of course some campers are more outgoing than others, but by the end of the week you would think that they’ve known each other for years. And I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to witness and contribute to this experience.


One of my personal highlights was the time that I went canoeing and kayaking in the sound. I can’t swim and I definitely have a fear of being that deep in the water. But I put my fear aside an trusted those that were around me and I ended up loving it. Up until this day I still think about it and would love to do it again. Another highlight was when my cabin won the sailboat race in the pool. The look on their faces and the excitement in their eyes after winning a race with a boat that we didn’t think would even make it in the first place was unforgettable.


A leadership skill that I developed was to step outside of my comfort zone. I’m normally more of a laid back and reserved person, but after working with the campers I found myself taking part in their fun and games. I also learned to work at a high energy level while only having a limited amount of energy. I would be having so much fun with the campers that I would forget that I was even tired in the first place. Overall, my experience at camp was wonderful and I am excited to be returning this summer 2013!