1. What’s your name?
Jonathan Townson

2. What’s your age?
19 (20 on the 10th June!)

3. Where are you from?
Northamptonshire, UK

4. What university/school do you attend? What major?
University of Durham, Biological Sciences with placement Bsc.(Hons)

5. What’s your favorite Country/state?
Indonesia, after embarking on a research expedition there my eyes were truly opened to the beauty of the world.

6. What’s your favorite camp activity and why?
Anything that helps build a team and family spirit, from team sports to sharing stories about yourselves!

7. What are you most looking forward to about next summer and why?
Working with young people and children again, I love to inspire them and help them to develop into model citizens and leaders!

8. What’s your favorite camp core value (community, Christian Formation, Developing Leaders or Natural Setting) and Why?
The natural setting, as a Biologist it fascinates me and I love the serenity to be found in nature.

9. What’s your dream job/vocation/calling for life?
To make a significant contribution towards the advancement of Science to further our understanding of the world and then pass this knowledge on as a teacher.

Jonathan Townson

Jonathan Townson