1. What’s your name?
Steph Turcios

2. What’s your age?

3. Where are you from?
I grew up in Baldwin, Long Island and I am now currently living in Brooklyn!

4. What university/school do you attend? What major?
As an undergrad at St. John’s University in Queens I was a Childhood & Special Education major. Now I am finishing up graduate school at Hofstra University as a student in their HECIS Fellowship program that combines an MS. Ed in Early Childhood Special Education as well as Applied Behavioral Analysis.

5. What’s your favorite country/state?
I got a chance to study abroad while in college and I will never forget my time in Italy!

6. What’s your favorite camp activity and why?
ARTS & CRAFTS!! A lot of campers come into this activity with a preconceived notion that it’s boring or just for girls, but they end up loving it! I think that by providing campers with opportunities for creativity while in the natural setting gives us a chance to create community while our hands are busy making artwork. The crafts we make come with memories and stories. I still have the projects we made my first year as a counselor! Each lanyard bracelet, painted shell or fuse bead magnet is made with a lot of love and consideration by campers, LITs…. and counselors too!

7. What’s are you most looking forward to about next summer and why?
I can’t wait to see returning campers and staff! I’m really excited to see how the LIT program grows as well.

8. What’s your favorite camp core value and why?
I have always said in the past that my favorite camp core value is developing leaders. I think that specific core value will always have a special place in my heart since I have literally seen campers transform during the time they spend at camp. It’s exciting to see leaders emerge in all 3 sessions, amongst LITs and even within the dynamics of the staff.

9. What’s your dream job?
I cannot wait until I have my own classroom! I would love to teach students with disabilities in kindergarten, first or second grade. I’m excited to see where life takes me as an educator!

Steph Turcios

Steph Turcios