What’s your name?
Hello, my name is Amy!

Where are you from?
I am from a county called Northamptonshire in England.

What university/ school do you attend? What major?
I go to the University of Worcester in England and study Human Geography.

What is your favourite country/state?
My favourite country is France because the streets are so pretty and the weather is hot (which is rarely the case in England in summer!)

What’s your favourite camp activity and why?
I love swimming and any activity involving water so activities like kayaking and paddle boarding would have to be my favourite!

What are you looking forward to about next summer and why?
I am looking forward to spending my summer in a completely new country, experiencing a new culture, meeting lots of new people and building my relationship with God further.

What’s your favourite core value (community, Christian formation, developing leaders or natural setting?) and why?
My favourite core value is community because I think that if you have a good group of people surrounding you, your faith will grow, you will have to confidence to develop as a leader.

What is your dream job/ vocation/ calling for life?
Basically any job working with people and travelling! I like the idea of working as a relief worker when a natural disaster has occurred or an aid worker possibly. It seems a very rewarding job and you get to learn lots about cultures of the places you visit, which I find really interesting.

Amy Morton

Amy Morton