1. Name?

2. From?

3. Position on staff?
Kitchen Staff

4. Most excited about for this summer?
Working hard.

5. Favorite Camp DeWolfe Core Value and Why?
Natural Setting – campers who come from families that don’t go to church might be withdrawn from the idea of learning about Christ; although going to summer camp something that seems more familiar to them because of the natural camp setting that Jearning about Jesus feels comfortable.

6. Favorite camp activity?
If I were a camper, I would have to go with kayaking because it’s both calming and a good source of exercise.

7. Favorite parable?
The parting of the Red Sea because it shows how powerful God is. The art of parting is unfathomable, much like our understanding of the joy we’ll feel in heaven.

8. Best way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
Spending time with friends and family.