What’s your name? My name is Shamila Dixon.
How old are you? I am 22 years old.
Where are you from? I am from Cambria Heights.
What college are you attending?  I attend Xavier University of Louisiana.
What’s your favorite food? My favorite food is pizza.
What’s your favorite camp activity? My favorite camp activity is arts and crafts because I like to create things using my hands.
What are you looking forward to about camp?  I am mostly looking forward to meeting new people to work with and being someone the campers look up to.
What’s your favorite camp core value? My favorite camp core value is Purposeful Community. This one is my favorite because it can help me along with others learn how to make friends, learn better communication skills and learn how to work with co-workers in the present time and keep the skills for the future.
What do you love most about Camp DeWolfe? What I love most about Camp DeWolfe is that everyone is treated like family.
What’s your dream job/vocation? My dream job in life is to become an OBGYN and open my own practice.