What’s your name? Christina Miller

How old are you? I am 30 years old.

Where are you from? I am from San Diego, California
 where I am the fifth generation in my family.

What college are you attending? I graduated from Pepperdine University (BA in English literature and Religion) and Fuller Theological Seminary (Master’s of Divinity).

What’s your favorite food? Anything Italian, especially tiramisu!

What’s your favorite camp activity? I love all aspects of Christian Formation, from organizing services to having one-on-one conversations with campers to finding moments to pray and ending our day with devotions. Camp is such a rich time to encounter God in meaningful ways, and I love being a part of that.

What are you looking forward to about camp? I am looking forward to creating new relationships, growing in community, and spending time in God’s presence.

What’s your favorite camp core value? Christian Formation is my favorite camp core value, and I’m not just saying that because I’m one of the formation leaders! I love seeing how Christian Formation informs how we interact in community, develop as leaders, and engage in nature. It is where we do a lot of the learning and molding, and then we act out those values in our activities and relationships.

What do you love most about Camp DeWolfe? This will be my first summer with Camp DeWolfe, but I already love that it is a small enough camp to really get to know the campers and other staff.

What’s your dream job/vocation? I would love to do Christian Formation in a church or university setting, focusing on teaching, mentoring, and writing.


Christina Miller