1. What’s your name?
My name is Miriam Ekeson

2. What’s your age?
I am nineteen years old.

3. Where are you from?
I am from Queens, New York

4. What university/school do you attend? What major?
I currently attend University at Albany, in New York. I am majoring in psychology.

5. What’s your favorite Country/state?
My favorite state is my own of course, New York! I love the liveliness and all the different places there are to go. In New York, there is always something to do. I also love that there are quiet places when silence is needed. New York is all around an amazing place to be.

6. What’s your favorite camp activity and why?
I love all camp activities, but my favorites would have to be challenge course and swimming. Swimming is something I’ve always loved to do since I was young. I love the water, and it is a great way to have fun and stay cool in the summer! Challenge course is another favorite of mine because of the adrenalin. Not many people get to experience the fun and exciting course in their lives. It kind of makes me feel accomplished when I do something I’m terrified of.

7. What are you most looking forward to about next summer and why?
This summer I am looking forward to being a camp counselor at Camp DeWolfe because this is a camp I attended a few years ago. I loved it and I could not wait to come back and be on the other side this time, helping the campers. I love children and it is in my best interest to help them have a fun-filled summer!

8. What’s your favorite camp core value (Community, Christian Formation, Developing Leaders or Natural Setting) and Why?
My favorite camp core value is community. This is because with community we can learn so much from each other about Christian Formation, becoming leaders, and learn about natural settings at the same time. Our bond as a camp family can last a lifetime and we meet people we will never forget.

9. What’s your dream job/vocation/calling for life?
In the future I am looking forward to becoming a clinical psychologist that specializes in children! I always love to help anyone that is in need, especially children.