10 Things you don’t know about me

What’s your name? – Karen Bartos

How old are you? – 26

What’s your hometown? – Onalaska, WI

What college did you attend? What major? – Wheaton College, BA Philosophy/Psychology; Fordham University, MA Ethics and Society

What’s your favorite food? – Ice Cream

What’s your favorite camp activity and why? – My favorite camp activity is walking to and from activities, because it is such great time for conversations!

What are you most looking forward to about summer 2013 and why? – I am looking forward to being back in the camp pace of life and getting a chance to use the gifts God has given to me.

What’s your favorite camp core value (community, Christian Formation, Developing Leaders or Natural Setting) and Why? – Currently, my favorite camp core value is community, because being disconnected from a Christian community for the past couple years has reminded me of the importance of sharing life with people who share your faith.  However, I do love how all the camp values work together!

What do you love most about Camp DeWolfe? – What I most love about Camp DeWolfe is the energy and excitement that Matt and Emma Tees bring to the programs, because they clearly love the camp and are doing their best to follow where God is leading.  I also love the view of Long Island Sound.

What’s your dream job/vocation/calling for life? – I am still trying to figure out my dream job, but I think it will involve helping others.
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