1 What’s your name?
My Name is Nicholas Lande!

2. What’s your age?
I am currently 18 years of age, my birthday is June 30th!

3. Where are you from?
I live in Freeport, LI

4. What university/school do you attend? What major?
I am currently a biology major at St. John’s University with the Catholic Scholars program.

5. What’s your favorite Country/state?
My favorite Country is Italy! I’m 100% Italian, so that is a given! My favorite state would have to be Florida, it being my favorite vacation spot.

6. What’s your favorite camp activity and why?
Any Activity that involves water and adventure! This includes swimming, kayaking, canoeing and archery. I love feeling the unique rush, of things that you can’t do everyday unlike baseball other versatile sports.

7. What are you most looking forward to about next summer and why?
This position is perfect for me, so I would consider working next year at Camp DeWolfe. Next year I am going to apply for a Service Plunge Pilgrimage with at my university at St. John’s. This experience is in the beginning of June in Lourdes, France! It is a once in a lifetime experience meeting people of all ethnicities. Imagine hearing the rosary in about 4 different languages! This will be spiritually growing for me since I have to live a life of simplicity during the time that I’m there. I’m so excited!

8. What’s your favorite camp core value (community, Christian Formation, Developing Leaders or Natural Setting) and Why?
My favorite camp core value is Christian Formation. How so? As Catholics, we are called to gather as one, being that we all are composed of the Body of Christ as mentioned by St. Paul. He encourages us to assemble, worship and praise what God has given us every day. We welcome all from different backgrounds, religions and races. Furthermore, I love the singing together because as St. Augustine once said “Singing is praying twice”. Personally, my life is deeply rooted in my faith; likewise, I try to incorporate Christ in my life by demonstrating what he has done for us, taught us, and to the best of my ability, give the greatest amount of love that he has for us.

9. What’s your dream job/vocation/calling for life?
I feel I am being called to serve God’s children as a pediatrician. Since I have a witty, courteous yet enthusiastic personality, it seems like a perfect fit now! In conjunction with that, it serves that I would like to have a family of my own to share by being a loving husband as well as a dedicated father for my future children.

Nick Lande

Nick Lande