During the Summer of 2015, I was blessed to be apart of a Christian Camp. Through Camp DeWolfe I learned so many things; not only about camp, but also about myself. I now know that I can take charge and be a leader. In my life previous to being a camp counselor, I never stepped forward to do things simply because I was afraid of being the center of attention. Now, I am always eager to lead and set a good example; not only for campers, but also for my fellow colleagues who need the motivation. I have learned how to experience God through nature, which I have never deemed possible for the simple fact that I am never around nature, and I was a bit afraid of it too. God’s creations are something special. Developing a closer relationship with God while being in the midst of all his creations is overwhelming and simply heartfelt.

This summer, I was a climbing instructor and it is something I can take away forever. As well as being the one of the most enjoyable activities at camp, I got to see campers crack their shell. I witnessed campers of all ages come to the challenge course and take responsibility in so many different ways. Starting with volunteering in simple games, to challenging games, teaching others how to put their harnesses and helmets on, going over safety rules, and those that uplifted others any time they were nervous to climb. Seeing young kids raise each other’s spirits, even for people they didn’t know or just met made me the happiest counselor alive. I saw God through all campers in their own ways. So many lifelong friendships were made this summer and I am the luckiest person to have witnessed it. I myself have met so many incredible, loving, people and I couldn’t be happier. This is one of the most impacting, hardest, yet rewarding summers of my life. My faith has been sealed this summer and I believe I am a different person than I was 8 weeks ago walking into this place.

I am beyond thankful for summer 2015 at Camp DeWolfe.

By Miriam Ekeson

Camp Counselor from St Gabriel’s Church in Hollis Queens

Miriam with her campers

Miriam with her campers