After finishing summer camp in 2016, I felt like it wasn’t over. I thought about camp most days, whether it was laughing at the memories or speaking to the friends I made. I also felt like I had so much left to give, so when I was given the opportunity to return in 2017, I couldn’t say no.

This summer has been incredible – I have had new opportunities, such as working with the LITs and leading challenge course, and I have made more friends for life. I have grown in my relationship with God, which I don’t believe would have happened without Camp DeWolfe. My favourite memory from this year has to be helping a camper who didn’t believe she could do an activity on the challenge course to do it, which led to her wanting to try more new activities!

As counselors, we don’t often see the results of our work, but returning allowed me to see how my campers from last year had grown in themselves and in their faith. Whilst it makes me sad to think that I won’t be able to return to camp and see these changes next year, I am excited to start my career as a teacher when I go home. I know that if I did get the chance to return to camp in the future, I would feel at home once again.